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In Progress Works


The City of Lewisville started a formal Public Art Program in 2017, but began acquiring pieces of a Public Art Collection in 2003. The collection includes outdoor and indoor pieces in various artistic media. Pieces are added to the Lewisville Public Art Collection through purchase, commission, or donation. The pieces described on this page are currently on public display.

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Thrive Stonework

Stone on outside, inside will be medium density fiber board and decals on glass
By Artist: Andrew Dufford

1950 S. Valley Parkway

Anticipated Completion and Installation: Spring 2020

Dufford was chosen for his history of working with stone, metal, and earthworks, and for his ability to integrate a project into the design of a public facility, including recreation centers. in an engaging and aesthetically pleasing way.

Image above is an early concept drawing submitted by the artist. Actual stonework design may range from slightly to significantly different than these concept drawings in color and other details, but the overall themes will remain intact.