Chalk Art Walls


Launched in the Fall of 2018, the MCL Grand’s Chalk Art Walls reside above the theater’s Main Street and Church Street interior entrances and feature original chalk works by local artists. The initiative aims to introduce more visual art works to the MCL Grand by reimagining these 12’ by 4’ spaces throughout the year with new designs. The walls are available for viewing Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. or during public events at the MCL Grand.

Artists interested in participating in the MCL Grand’s Chalk Wall program may contact Denise Helbing at

Current Chalk Art Walls

Play On! by Christi Martini

Play On!

My art is an expression of captured moments, that speak to my soul and create a mood. They may be funny, happy, sad, peaceful, exciting, wistful, intriguing, or whimsical, but my goal is to pull the viewer into the painting and recreate that emotion in them. I work primarily in watercolor and acrylic, sometimes combined, depending on the subject and desired result.

The Colors from Our Soul by Ashley Wright

The Colors of my Soul

My body of work has revealing aspects of storytelling and viewer participation. My art captures a pivotal moment and a mood to portray the story being told however, it is up to the viewer to determine the stories ending. I work primarily in Chalk pastels and Acrylic mediums.

Past Chalk Art Works



This work was on display over the Main Street entrance door from September - December 2018 and highlights the western boot, an iconic symbol of the cowboy lifestyle. Once essential footwear for getting the job done without falling off your horse, or suffering a snake bite, western boots have become today’s functional high fashion.

Time Lapse Installation Video