Chalk Art Walls


Launched in the Fall of 2018, the MCL Grand’s Chalk Art Walls reside above the theater’s Main Street and Church Street interior entrances and feature original chalk works by local artists. The initiative aims to introduce more visual art works to the MCL Grand by reimagining these 12’ by 4’ spaces throughout the year with new designs. The walls are available for viewing Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. or during public events at the MCL Grand.

Artists interested in participating in the MCL Grand’s Chalk Wall program may contact Denise Helbing at

Current Chalk Art Walls

Angels in Adoration by Santos Lozano

Chalk Art Wall_Angels

The Traditional Latin High Mass, the Mass of the Angels, inspired this artwork. Every time that I listen to my Church choir sing in Latin, I feel as if though angels are singing. This piece is my response to bring the profound, the true, the good and the beautiful in a world that desperately needs it, and it is meant to be enjoyed with the music of angels. As you are gazing at this artwork, I encourage you to listen to the hymn, Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence. Allow it to touch your heart and fill it with peace. I have always had a fascination for angels, but I also like to draw other subjects including my own superhero, dragons, and strong animals.

Reservoir by David Mask

Chalk Art Wall_Reservoir

Mask is a former TPWD employee and a fisherman so it was easy to render a favorite place to go fishing in Texas; a reservoir. Having been scuba diving with the largest freshwater fish in Texas, Mask says, “it was a joy to draw a creative impression of an aquatic habitat.” David uses a variety of media from acrylic painting to sculpture. His favorite now is abstract drawings with pen and ink.


Past Chalk Art Works

DragonflyWork portrays a large dragonfly in a sea of swirling color. According to the artist, the work is about self-transformation and the awesomeness of dragonflies. Pete Taboada is an International, Dallas based, visionary artist. He creates art embracing your awareness, abundance and joy. He loves creating art for seekers of self-empowerment, expansion, enlightenment, and love.

Time Lapse Installation Video

Play On!

My art is an expression of captured moments, that speak to my soul and create a mood. They may be funny, happy, sad, peaceful, exciting, wistful, intriguing, or whimsical, but my goal is to pull the viewer into the painting and recreate that emotion in them. I work primarily in watercolor and acrylic, sometimes combined, depending on the subject and desired result.


This work was on display over the Main Street entrance door from September - December 2018 and highlights the western boot, an iconic symbol of the cowboy lifestyle. Once essential footwear for getting the job done without falling off your horse, or suffering a snake bite, western boots have become today’s functional high fashion.

Time Lapse Installation Video