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Public Art


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What is public art?

Art that is visually or physically accessible to the public and that is acquired by or donated to the City of Lewisville. It can take forms such as sculpture, integrated design in functional pieces and facilities, murals and temporary or permanent exhibitions. It enhances design and creates connections expressing shared values and ideas about Lewisville and its unique qualities as a community.

Public Art Master Plan

The Lewisville City Council adopted the Public Art Master Plan in January 2018. This master plan was created by the planning team of Todd Bressi and Meridith McKinley, with the support and assistance of the City and many people in the community who contributed their energy, ideas and time to the creation of this plan. The plan has several key components. It sets out a vision for the role that public art can play in Lewisville’s future as a successful city; it identifies opportunities for incorporating public art in public places and for encouraging public art as part of new private developments; and it outlines policies and administrative procedures that will help it get there.