MCL Grand Series FAQ



  • Texas Tunes

    • How much parking is available and is it free?

    • Where is a seating chart?

    • I asked for my tickets to be mailed and never received them, what should I do?

    • I lost my tickets, what can I do?

    • What happens if a performance is sold out?

    • Are the seats reserved or can I sit where I want?

    • Is there food available in the MCLGT? Can I bring my own food into the performance hall?

    • What if I am unable to attend the performance but I already purchased my ticket?

    • What happens if I arrive late to the performance?

    • When should I arrive?

    • Do you have discounted tickets?

    • Is there a discount ticket price for students, seniors or children?

    • Can I reserve tickets without paying?

    • Can I buy tickets online?

    • Can I purchase tickets over the phone?

    • Where is the box office located?

    • When is the box office open?

    • Do babies require a ticket?

    • How can I purchase tickets?

    • Do you allow cameras and recording equipment?

    • How long do the shows generally last?

    • How should I dress?

    • When are you open?