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Val Art Talk

VAL member Murthy Mantha will give a talk about Design and Composition at VAL’s next meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 14. Mantha is going to present concepts of design and composition that are so fundamental to artwork in any medium. He will demonstrate some approaches for division of pictorial space for landscape paintings using shapes and values in watercolors. He will also suggest some tips for painting from photographs without being a slave to the original image. There will be hands on exercises for the attendees.

Murthy recently received 1st place in the Irving Art Association Fall Photography contest. His artistic inquiry is division of pictorial space and arrangement of light.

This event is open to the public and there is no charge.

The Visual Art League of Lewisville VAL holds its general meeting on the second Tuesday of each month at MCL Grand. Each month in conjunction with the general meeting, VAL produces an “Art Talk” series of known speakers and art demonstrations. Visitors are welcome to attend any meeting. Most meetings are held in one of the MCL Grand classrooms, but they may also be in the Gallery, the Black Box Theater, or the Recital Hall.

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