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VAL Art Workshop: Abstraction from Life

Val_ArtTalkSept2019Join the Visual Art League of Lewisville for a free adult art workshop led by artist Patty Rodgers on Saturday, Sept. 14.

Think “Design” in this workshop. Students will extract from reality to create an abstract painting, emphasizing color and shape. You will use colors that FEEL right instead of ones you see, or know, to be true. Simplify shapes and forget about details. Take chances and have fun with abstraction.

Student Materials to Bring:
Two or three interesting pictures from a magazine or your own drawings.
Two sheets of 11 x 14 or 15” watercolor paper
Brushes, small to medium in size
Acrylic paints
Water container
Paper palette

Teacher-Provided Materials:
Tracing paper
Colored construction Paper

The workshop is free to attend, but due to class size limitations, participants are required to register through Eventbrite.
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