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Public Art MCL Grand

The City of Lewisville and the Medical City Lewisville Grand Theater are asking residents to share their opinions on public art in a new online survey about Lewisville’s Public Art Program.

The online survey is available now through Sunday, April 30. The survey link can be found at

This brief survey provides an opportunity for the community to identify public art projects they have seen or would like to see in Lewisville. Studies show that public art is very beneficial to communities. It aids in educating and inspiring individual creativity, resulting in increased productivity in the workplace and schools, encourages civic pride, and provides a sense of place for residents. According to the National Governors Association, a healthy art presence serves as a visitation draw and boots potential tourism-related economic impact for cities.

The Lewisville City Council has engaged a team to create the city’s Public Art Master Plan. Public art components are included in four infrastructure projects approved by Lewisville voters in the November 2015 bond election. This is the first time public art has been included in the initial planning for a Lewisville capital project. Those public art components include permanent public art integrated into the new Multigenerational Recreation Center; permanent public art integrated into hike and bike trail additions; and permanent public art integrated into two major street construction projects.

Art is considered “public” if it is visually or physically accessible to the public and is acquired by, or donated to, the City of Lewisville. It can take forms such as sculpture, integrated design in functional pieces and facilities, murals and temporary or permanent exhibitions. It enhances design and creates connections expressing shared values and ideas about Lewisville and its unique qualities as a community.