Dance Arts Center

The Dance Arts Center, a family owned business, is located in McKinney at the Community Center and in Lewisville at the MCL Grand. The Dance Arts Center offers classes in Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Baton, Hip Hop, Clog, and Country & Western. The schools offer a friendly and fun atmosphere which enables the students to gain confidence, poise and grace. LouAnn Martin Vance and Perry Martin, along with their highly qualified and friendly staff, make dancing fun for all the children, teens and adults who want to learn to dance. Joan, LouAnn and Perry have been teaching Country & Western couples classes since 1980. For more information: or email:

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Dance Attire: Children need to attend class in dance attire with names in dance shoes.

 PreschoolLeotard and tights any color, pink leather ballet shoes, black tap shoes with black elastic in holes. (no tutu’s or skirts)

 School AgeLeotard and tights any color, beige slip on jazz shoes and black lace up tap shoes (no tutu’s or skirts)

Child must be potty trained or in Pull-ups. 

All classes take place at the MCL Grand, 100 N. Charles, Lewisville.  The MCL Grand is located in Old Town Lewisville at the corner of Main Street and Charles Street.  Classes are held September through May and a recital in the spring on May 31, 2014.  Dress rehearsal and recital will be on the same day.  Dress rehearsal at 2 pm and the recital at 7 pm.  To ensure a quality learning environment, we have two visiting days per dance season.

Tuition: Due before the first day of each class session.  No exceptions. (Registering at least one week before each class session starts is preferred so instructor can plan accordingly).  If you have any questions, please call the Recreation Centers.  Each student who adds a second DANCE class per month will get a $15 discount off the second class.

* No Class on May 26 – makeup class on May 27

Winter/Spring CLASSES

Pre-Ballet, Tap (2-4 years)

Code Date Day Time Fee Location
112130-DT 4/7-4/28 M 3:30-4:15 pm $50 MCLGT
112130-ET 5/5-5/26* M 3:30-4:15 pm $50 MCLGT

Tap and Jazz (K-2nd Grade)

Code Date Day Time Fee Location
112140-DT 4/7-4/28 M 4:15-5 pm $50 MCLGT
112140-ET 5/5-5/26* M 4:15-5 pm $50 MCLGT

TAP AND JAZZ (3rd-5th Grade)

Code Date Day Time Fee Location
112150-DT 4/7-4/28 M 5-5:45 pm $50 MCLGT
112150-ET 5/5-5/26* M 5-5:45 pm $50 MCLGT

TAP AND JAZZ (6th- 8th grade)

Code Date Day Time Fee Location
112160-DT 4/7-4/28 M 5:45-6:30 pm $50 MCLGT
112160-ET 5/5-5/26* M 5:45-6:30 pm $50 MCLGT

TAP AND JAZZ (Teens – approved by instructor)

Code Date Day Time Fee Location
122160-DT 4/7-4/28 M 6:30-7:15 pm $50 MCLGT
122160-ET 5/5-5/26* M 6:30-7:15 pm $50 MCLGT

Please check with instructor on availability

Code Date Day Time Fee Location
142170-DT 4/7-4/28 M 7:15-7:45 pm $85 MCLGT
142170-ET 5/5-5/26* M 7:15-7:45 pm $85 MCLGT

PRE BALLET & TAP (ages 2-4)

Code Date Day Time Fee Location
112180-DT 4/1-4/29 Tu 3:30-4:15 pm $50 MCLGT
112180-ET 5/6-5/27 Tu 3:30-4:15 pm $50 MCLGT

BALLET & TUMBLING (K-2nd grade)

Code Date Day Time Fee Location
112190-DT 4/1-4/29 Tu 4:15-5 pm $50 MCLGT
112190-ET 5/6-5/27 Tu 4:15-5 pm $50 MCLGT

BALLET & LYRICAL (3rd-5th grade)

Code Date Day Time Fee Location
112200-DT 4/1-4/29 Tu 5-5:45 pm $50 MCLGT
112200-ET 5/6-5/27 Tu 5-5:45 pm $50 MCLGT